I have spent the last several months writing two blog posts per week. I have really enjoyed writing both the Mainstay Monday and the regular Wednesday posts, but time is a limited resource. I have started a new writing project which will consume a considerable amount of time, so I had to make a choice: I could either continue writing two blog posts a week, or I could pursue my new project.

By cutting back to a single post per week, I free up enough time to pursue my new project while maintaining my blog regularly with high-quality content. Though this means I will publish less frequently, it will serve not only me, but the Javascript community at large in the long-run.

There is no current estimate when Mainstay Monday will resume, but it is not gone forever. I am working on sorting out how I will present foundation material, and whether it makes sense to ever resume the two-post pace. Only time will tell, but in the meanwhile, we’ll meet on Wednesday, just like always!